AGILESPIRIT is a legally registered business Company established in with the aim of providing

continuous value addition to all our stakeholders, through provision of quality Customers satisfaction,

professionalism, efficiency, customer service. it’s main activities being Building, Transportation and

Supplies of relief items like foodstuff and non-food items, Tents, Plastic items, Hardware, Generators,

Electrical items, Computers and Accessories, Office equipment and Office Stationery, Blankets and

Relief Food for refugees among other items.

AGILESPIRIT offers a wide range of products and supplies services our team of staff maintain a strong

foundation of trust and mutual respect generated through positive relationship with clients,

company associates and other suppliers. Our company policy encourages shared performance,

responsibility, coordination and ensures the highest degree of professional service and results on all

projects undertaken.


The project team at thrives on challenging contracts and with its dedication to excellence; AGILESPIRIT
the company has the potential to successfully complete contacts to the satisfaction of the clients the
objective of this company is to provide product and services and to continually improve customer’s
services at competitive prices to best meet their needs. The company has qualified Technical Personnel
in computer, electrical engineering, and general supplies.


Transport & Logistics

Since the inception of our services, we made it our priority to enhance the efficiency of our client’s
business procedures and facilitate the security of their investment through our various specialized

General trading

The trading division of specializes in the supply of electronics, machinery and AGILESPIRIT
IT equipment upon request from our clients and in fulfillment of public and private tenders.

General supplies

AGILESPIRIT is a quality trader and distributor for electrical materials, all electrical works, automation,
contracting and maintenance.

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