Who we are

Since the inception of our land logistic services, we made it our priority to enhance the efficiency of our client’s
business procedures and facilitate the security of their investment through our various specialized
functions. Our service is driven by cuting-edge technology and unmatchable technical “know-how” to
undertake demanding projects and deliver in record time.

We Transport Goods With Ease

We handle transportation logitics projects for multi-national organizations as well as small and
medium-sized enterprises in Kenya and the East Africa sub-region. We partner with organizations to 
facilitate a competitive advantage through a reduction in the cost associated with supply chain


Complete assignments
Timely Delivery in Percentage

The reasons why we are different from our competitors

  • Highly motivated team with vast experience.
  • Technology and innovation that facilitate customer assets protection.
  • Profound knowledge of the needs of the local market in the KSA.
  • Reliable and efficient logistics supply chain management.
  • GPS tracking that locates customer cargo at any point in time.
  • Fleet of Wll-maintained transportation truck.
  • Exceptional customer service.
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